Alfred Geiger

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Synthetic and naturally occurring didemnins are potent and specific inhibitors of protein synthesis in vitro. Structure-activity analysis indicates a requirement for the intact macrocycle; however, the smaller ring size represented by the didemnin analogue, tamandarin A, is equipotent to didemnin B. Replacement of the N,O-dimethyltyrosine by a(More)
PVM has widespread use among the parallel computing community due to its advantage to allow for the development of portable code. This allows programmers to develop codes that may run on different hardware platforms without too much eeort being invested into adaption to particular hardware. Originally mainly used in distributed computing in networks of(More)
During the last couple of years, a wide variety of tools and libraries have been developed to enable distributed computing and visualisation. This paper presents the technical background and the results of such a project meaned to couple diierent computational resources. A metacomputing implementation of MPI called PACX-MPI was used to make the applications(More)
Double stranded DNA from calf thymus was irradiated in the presence of bovine serum albumin with a ratio of 1:10 in weight under aerobic and anaerobic conditions. The irradiated biomolecules were separated by gel filtration on Sepharose Cl-2B with and without sodium dodecylsulphate. By scavenging OH-radicals the protein protects DNA, but in contrast to(More)