Alfred F Fuciarelli

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During the Persian Gulf War, soldiers were injured with depleted uranium (DU) fragments. To assess the potential health risks associated with chronic exposure to DU, Sprague Dawley rats were surgically implanted with DU pellets at 3 dose levels (low, medium and high). Biologically inert tantalum (Ta) pellets were used as controls. At 1 day and 6, 12, and 18(More)
Polyclonal antibodies have been raised in rabbits to a haemocyanin adduct of a reductively-activated, fluorinated analogue of misonidazole. Fluorescence immunohistochemical studies show that the polyclonal antibodies bind to spheroid sections and tumour sections in patterns similar to those revealed by autoradiographic studies with a tritium-labelled(More)
Metabonomics involves the quantitation of the dynamic multivariate metabolic response of an organism to a pathological event or genetic modification [J.K. Nicholson, J.C. Lindon, E. Holmes, Xenobiotica 29 (1999) 1181-1189]. The analysis of these data involves the use of appropriate multivariate statistical methods; Principal Component Analysis (PCA) has(More)
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