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This paper presents the first detailed localization of luteinizing hormone (LH)-containing cells and fibers in the rat central nervous system. These immunoreactive elements were identified by four LH antisera, two directed against the intact LH molecule and two against LHb. Cell bodies, immunoreactive for LH were found throughout the rostral-caudal extent(More)
for their participation in conducting the trial and analyzing the data, Rich Silacci-Cal Poly Dairy Herd Manager (SLO, CA) for animal care and management, Cal Poly Dairy employees (SLO, CA) for animal care and treatment/ control application, DSM Nutritional Products (Basel, Switzerland) for funding and analysis of treatment/ control enzyme activity,(More)
The stimulating effects of the Vitamin D thus supplied became quite apparent and lasted for 10 days, then began to subside. The animals in Lot 2 were allowed to exist on the Sherman No. 380 diet, with supplemental Vitamin D, in the form of irradiated ergosterol, but in Lot 1 the animals were also irrradiated daily except Sundays, for 30 seconds, at a(More)
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