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PURPOSE Recent studies have detected aberrant promoter methylation of adenomatous polyposis coli promoter 1 A (APC), cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor-2A (p16(INK4a)), retinoic acid receptor beta2, and RAS association domain family protein 1 (RASSF1A) in bronchial aspirates and suggested their use as biomarkers for lung cancer diagnostics. The purpose of(More)
The validity of diagnostic criteria for the cytologic differentiation between benign and malignant cases and between normal (hyperplastic) and inflammation-activated (prostatitis) prostatic cells was tested by means of semiautomated image analysis and cytophotometry. The following criteria were found to have significant differences between benign and(More)
A task force of experts in the field of diagnostic DNA image cytometry, invited by the ESACP, and further scientists or physicians revealing experience in that diagnostic procedure (names are given in Addendum A), agreed upon the following 4th updated Consensus Report on Standardised Diagnostic DNA Image Cytometry during the 7th International Congress of(More)
During mitosis, the spindle checkpoint delays the onset of anaphase until all chromosomes have attached properly to the mitotic spindle, preventing chromosome missegregation. BUB (budding uninhibited by benzimidazole) 1 is one of the key components of this checkpoint. BUB1 mutations are rare in cancer tissues and no mutations have been identified in gastric(More)
Biopsies from 60 grade-1 urothelial carcinomas and 50 normal bladder mucosae have been investigated by DNA-image-cytometry after enzymatic cell separation to determine the diagnostic sensitivity of DNA-aneuploidy for the identification of low grade urothelial neoplasia. Two different modes to detect DNA-aneuploidy were compared: the conventional application(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this prospective study was to report on the diagnostic accuracy of conventional oral exfoliative cytology taken from white-spotted, ulcerated or other suspicious oral lesions in our clinic. In addition we checked DNA-image cytometry as an adjuvant diagnostic tool. Our hypothesis is that DNA-aneuploidy is a sensitive and specific marker(More)
A task force of invited experts in the field of diagnostic DNA image cytometry, especially consisting of participants from the PRESS (Prototype Reference Standard Slides) and EUROPATH (European Pathology Assisted by Telematics for Healthcare) projects, but open to any other scientist or physician revealing experience in that new diagnostic procedure (names(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this retrospective study was to report on the diagnostic accuracy of AgNOR-analysis as an adjunctive diagnostic tool of conventional oral exfoliative cytology taken from suspicious lesions in our clinic. STUDY DESIGN Cytological diagnoses obtained from brush biopsies of macroscopically suspicious lesions of the oral mucosa from 75(More)