Alfred A. Marcus

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The question this research address is if voluntary certification with ISO 9000 standards can reduce the number of accidents large trucks have. Certification might have a positive effect depending upon the actions a company takes as a result of being certified, for instance, a company may change driver training and maintenance and how it carries out(More)
When organizations pay inadequate attention to unusual events, the possibility of breaching a safety barrier increases. With hindsight it often appears that full advantage is not taken of what is known. Part of the reason organizations neglect apparent warnings is because of limited re.sources and the way resources are allocated. Drawing on concepts from(More)
This research analyzed how nuclear power plants implemented safety review innovations introduced hy the Nuclear Regulatory Commission after the Three Mile Island accident. The findings suggested that nuclear power plants with relatively poor safety records tended to respond in a rule-hound manner that perpetuated their poor safety performance and that(More)
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This paper investigates the effects of implementing the international standard ISO 9000 on measures of business and operating performance. Based on the literature and a case study we identified two stages in implementing ISO 9000—(1) Installation, which has two dimensions: (a) external coordination and (b) integration; and (2) Usage, which also has two(More)
Affecting peoples' perceptions of the health threat of colorectal cancer (CRC), that is, the probability of the cancer's occurrence multiplied by the severity of the outcomes, has not been experimentally manipulated as a means to increase CRC screening intentions and behaviors. As an exploratory pilot study to inform a larger randomized trial on CRC(More)
In the early days of electron transfer one text which I found particularly helpful was Robinson and Stokes, Electrolyte Solutions.' It provided an overview, as well as a detailed and current picture of electrolyte solutions, to one newly arrived in the field. It is a real pleasure to acknowledge in this Memorial Lecture my debt to Professor Robinson. In the(More)
Nature has equipped organisms with the ability to regenerate or repair themselves when damaged. If I cut myself, healing takes over without need of conscious direction. If I am hurt badly enough, the body's needs will make themselves known and tend to preempt voluntary activities. In this way, a balance between short-term interests (e.g., continuing to work(More)