Alfred A. Bartolucci

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Bipolar disorder, characterized by extreme manic and depressive moods, is a prevalent debilitating disease of unknown etiology. Because mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, antidepressants, and mood-regulating neuromodulators increase the inhibitory serine-phosphorylation of glycogen synthase kinase-3 (GSK3), we hypothesized that deficient GSK3(More)
Microarray technology allows one to measure gene expression levels simultaneously on the whole-genome scale. The rapid progress generates both a great wealth of information and challenges in making inferences from such massive data sets. Bayesian statistical modeling offers an alternative approach to frequentist methodologies, and has several features that(More)
While there have been a number of studies on the effect of leak site and shape on the magnitude of measured leakage through respirator face seals, there have been very few studies to identify the location and size of these leaks. In a previous study we used a method of identifying the location and shape of respirator leaks on a half-mask respirator by the(More)
Individual genome scans tend to have low power and can produce markedly biased estimates of QTL effects. Further, the confidence interval for their location is often prohibitively large for subsequent fine mapping and positional cloning. Given that a large number of genome scans have been conducted, not to mention the large number of variables and subsets(More)
The horizontal sacrum has never been described as an indicator of a tethered spinal cord following myelomeningocele closure. We retrospectively analyzed 30 children with a myelomeningocele for this progressive change and its correlation with symptoms. At least two lateral radiographs over time were examined and the lumbosacral angle (LSA) was measured. We(More)
Hypothesis tests of equivalence are typically known for their application in bioequivalence studies and acceptance sampling. Their application to gene expression data, in particular high-dimensional gene expression data, has only recently been studied. In this paper, we examine how two multigroup equivalence tests, the F-test and the range test, perform(More)