Alfréd Csikós

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A well-organized platoon control may have advantages in terms of increasing highway capacity and decreasing fuel consumption and emissions. The paper proposes the design of the velocity of platoon. In the velocity design several factors must be taken into consideration such as fuel consumption, road inclinations, emissions and traveling time. Since the(More)
In this work a novel controller design method is suggested for motorway shockwave management using ramp metering and variable speed limit (VSL) control. The proposed controller has a feedforward-feedback control structure that is designed for a motorway arterial model. For the feedback design the nonlinear model predictive control is used. The feedforward(More)
The paper proposes a traffic speed prediction algorithm for urban road traffic networks. The motivation of the prediction is to provide short time forecast in order to support ITS (Intelligent Transport System) functionalities, such as traveler information systems, route guidance (navigation) systems, as well as adaptive traffic control systems. A potential(More)
In this work a modeling approach is introduced for the dispersion of motorway traffic emissions. The process model is developed for a distributed parameter system, and is derived based on the conservation law within the balance volumes between the road and the rural area, specified by the wind direction. Parallel to the wind, plug flow is considered, and(More)
In this work a control system is developed for the limitation of pollutant concentrations of rural areas near motorways. The controlled system is based on the second-order macroscopic model description of the freeway traffic, extended by an emission dispersion model, introduced in [1]. The control of the system is realized by ramp metering, optimized by the(More)
This work suggests a NMPC controller for the urban perimeter control problem. The system model is based on the mathematical formalization of the problem, proposed in [1] expanded by describing the queue dynamics at the perimeter gates. For the extended model a multicriteria control problem is formalized: the conventional control objective of traffic network(More)
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