Alfonso Navarro

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In this paper, we address the problem privacy in video surveillance. We propose an efficient solution based on transform-domain scrambling of regions of interest in a video sequence. More specifically, the sign of selected transform coefficients is flipped during encoding. We address more specifically the case of Motion JPEG 2000. Simulation results show(More)
Most of hybrid motion compensated video coding standards uses a well known discrete cosine transform (DCT) at the encoder to remove redundancy from video random processes. Due to the huge number of computations required to compute the DCT, reduction of its complexity is essential to speed up video processing. To optimize the computation of the DCT, we take(More)
The projective space P n over a field k is usually defined as the set of 1-dimensional subspaces of a n + 1-dimensional k-vector space E and its automorphism are defined to be the projectivizations of semilinear automorphism of E (also called Staudt projectivities). For n ≥ 2, recall that the projective space can also be defined axiomatically as a lattice(More)
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