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Most of the existing recommendation engines do not take into consideration contextual information for suggesting interesting items to users. Features such as time, location, or weather, may affect the user preferences for a particular item. In this paper, we propose two different context-aware approaches for the movie recommendation task. The first is an(More)
Two Hensel-type univariate polynomial Greatest Common Divisor (GCD) algorithms are presented and compared. The regular linear Hensel construction is shown to be generally more efficient than the Zassenhaus quadratic construction. The UNIGCD algorithm for UNIvariate polynomial GCD computations, based on the regular Hensel construction is then presented and(More)
We like to fix the starting point of the research activities in Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (SAC) in Italy at the IFIP Working Conference on Symbol Manipulation Languages and Techniques held in Pisa in September 1966. This event in fact, stimulated early research conducted for several years by single researchers cooperating more with foreign(More)
This paper presents a new algorithmic approach to cope with the problems related to the generation and the manipulation of the pseudo-Hensel-codes in the p-adic arithmetic. After reviewing some classical properties and the results of the Hensel code arithmetic, a new algorithm to manipulate pseudo-Hensel-codes is presented, discussed and compared with two(More)
This paper discusses a general lifting technique for solving polynomial equations in graded structures _A, where the solution is understood to lie in the completion d" of A_. It shows that the classical Hensel lifting and the main constructions related to the Buchberger algorithm tbr Gr6bner bases are both instances of this technique. So, while the setting(More)
Recommender Systems provide suggestions for items (e.g., movies or songs) to be of use to a user. They must take into account information to deliver more useful (perceived) recommendations. Current music recommender takes an initial input of a song and plays music with similar characteristics, or music that other users have listened to along with the input(More)