Alfonso M. Ramos

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DNA markers are commonly used for large-scale evaluation of genetic diversity in farm animals, as a component of the management of animal genetic resources. AFLP markers are useful for such studies as they can be generated relatively simply; however, challenges in analysis arise from their dominant scoring and the low level of polymorphism of some markers.(More)
This article describes the crystal selection and quality control utilized to develop and calibrate a high resolution array of CsI(Tl) scintillator crystals for the detection of energetic charged particles. Alpha sources are used to test the light output variation due to thallium doping gradients. Selection of crystals with better than 1% non-uniformity in(More)
This article attempts to quantify the spatial uncertainties associated with extreme temperature's response, by assessing data derived from climate model. This is undertaken by a comparison of the spatial pattern of a long-term time-series aggregation (1960/61–1989/90) for extreme temperatures simulated by a particular GCM (the UK Met Offi ce-Hadley Centre(More)
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