Alfonso M. Ramos

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This article describes the crystal selection and quality control utilized to develop and calibrate a high resolution array of CsI(Tl) scintillator crystals for the detection of energetic charged particles. Alpha sources are used to test the light output variation due to thallium doping gradients. Selection of crystals with better than 1% non-uniformity in(More)
31P-NMR has been tested as a technique for determining the phosphorus content of milk samples in both the inorganic form (Pi) and bonded to caseins as phosphoserine (SerP). 31P-NMR made possible the simultaneous determination of Pi and SerP in approximately 1.7 h. The determination is based on measuring the area under the resonance in question and(More)
The Pure water (P,T)-phase diagram is known in the form of empirical equations or tables from nearly a century as a result of Bridgman's work. However, few data are available on other aqueous systems probably due to the difficulty of high-pressure measurements. As an alternative, six approaches are presented here to obtain the food phase diagrams in the(More)
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