Alfonso Gastelum Strozzi

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We investigated calibration procedures of multiple Kinect sensors simultaneously. Through standard calibration algorithms our multi-Kinect system is accurately registered. We propose and implemented a multi-Kinect system to seamlessly render a scene from a wide range of angles. Such a system is capable of real-time operation. We also investigated the(More)
We propose to integrate the newest developments in stereomatching theory, affordable parallel processing capabilities (using GPU e.g. PC gaming/graphic card) and statistical surface analysis to implement and test an in-situ Underwater Dynamic Stereo Photogrammetry (UDSP) system for civil engineering applications. The proposed UDPS system aims to provide(More)
Keywords: Stereo matching Dynamic 3D face reconstruction 3D video Active illumination Composite expression synthesis Video-based texture generation Motion capture Low cost computer vision a b s t r a c t A 3D facial reconstruction and expression modeling system which creates 3D video sequences of test subjects and facilitates interactive generation of novel(More)
An on-line web application that interacts with an Internet user's 3D webcam (e.g. Minoru stereo web-camera) is described. The application instantly captures and processes stereo images to retrieve 3D object coordinates for further 3D modelling tasks. It offers on-demand semi-automatic camera calibration and automatic image pair rectification for further(More)
We aimed to provide realistic three-dimensional (3D) models to be used in numerical simulations of peristaltic flow in patients exhibiting difficulty in swallowing, also known as dysphagia. To this end, a 3D model of the upper gastrointestinal tract was built from the color cryosection images of the Visible Human Project dataset. Regional color(More)
We demonstrate a system that allows the user to perform 3D modelling and sculpting using postures and 3D movements of their hands. The system utilises the concept of a Natural User Interface using computer vision techniques. This enables the user to operate 3D modelling software. The system's bimanual control allows left hand postures to select control mode(More)
We propose to study the mechanical properties of a volcanic soil sample (monolith) using a computer model. We propose the use of CT-images to construct the Mechanical Computational Model. The image obtained from the CT-Scan give us a 3D model of the pores system of the monolith. This system relates the internal connectivity between different pores and the(More)
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