Alfonso Fondado

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MnAs exhibits a first-order phase transition from a ferromagnetic, high-spin metal hexagonal phase to a paramagnetic, lower-spin insulator orthorhombic phase at T(C)=313 K. Here, we report the results of neutron diffraction experiments showing that an external magnetic field, B, stabilizes the hexagonal phase above T(C). The phase transformation is(More)
Department of Fundamental Chemistry, U Spain. E-mail:; Department of Applied Physics, Universi Santiago de Compostela, Spain † Electronic supplementary information ( of Le Bail renement of powder X-ray diffr observed frequencies in cm 1 of the Ra assignments. The cif les with the stru crystal X-ray diffraction. CCDC 959632 an(More)
The influence of different restorative materials on in vitro dielectric properties of sound dentine was investigated. The studied samples were three-layer materials consisting of successive disks of dentine and silver amalgam or nanohybrid composite resin. Before being tested, the samples were maintained in physiological solution never more than 48 h from(More)
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