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Genetic and environmental trends in 2 lines of rabbit (B and R) selected on individual weight gain (WG) from weaning (4 wk) to slaughter (11 wk) were estimated using mixed model methodology. Line B was derived from the California breed and line R was a synthetic of stock of different origin. The data were collected from a single herd and comprised 7 718(More)
Two new families of completely integrable perturbations of the N-dimensional isotropic harmonic oscillator Hamiltonian are presented. Such perturbations depend on arbitrary functions and N free parameters and their integrals of motion are explicitly constructed by making use of the underlying h 6-coalgebra symmetry of these systems. Several known integrable(More)
A wide class of Hamiltonian systems with N degrees of freedom and endowed with, at least, (N −2) functionally independent integrals of motion in involution is constructed by making use of the two-photon Lie–Poisson coalgebra (h 6 , ∆). The set of (N − 2) constants of the motion is shown to be a universal one for all these Hamiltonians, irrespectively of the(More)
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