Alfonso Bastias

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BACKGROUND The storage of blood components is an important concern in the blood supply chain. Because these are perishable products, the definition of good inventory policies is crucial to reduce shortages and spills. STUDY DESIGN AND METHODS To analyze and propose inventory policies in a regional blood center, a discrete event simulation model was(More)
The thyroid nodule is an abnormal growth that forms lumps in the thyroid gland. Image processing opened a new era in the identification and diagnosis of nodules thyroids in which many of them are being found incidentally. It is estimated that between 4 to 10 % can be felt on physical examination, but the rest of them is determinate by ultrasound or another(More)
This paper presents a simulation study of a regional blood centre in Chile. The objective was to compare different inventory policies in order to improve two main indicators, minimization of wastages and shortages. In order to analyze and propose these inventory policies, a discrete event simulation model was created using the simulation software Arena(More)
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