Alfonso Baños

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Reset control systems are a special type of impulsive hybrid systems in which the time evolution depends both on continuous dynamics between resets and the discrete dynamics corresponding to the reset instants. In this work, stability of reset control systems is approached by using an equivalent (time-varying) discrete time system, introducing new(More)
The stability of reset control systems has been mainly studied for the feedback interconnection of reset compensators with linear time-invariant systems. This work gives a stability analysis of reset compensators in feedback interconnection with passive nonlinear systems. The results are based on the passivity approach to L2-stability for feedback systems(More)
Communication delays are problematic for teleoperated systems. They give rise to a trade-off between speed and robustness, which cannot be overcome by means of linear controllers. In order to solve this problem, in this paper we present a novel approach that combines passivity-based techniques and reset control principles. In this way, it is possible to(More)
This work presents a reset/hybrid control application of an in-line pH process. The nonlinear process dynamic is linearized around different operation points, and as a result a second order plus dead time (SOPDT) plant with uncertain gain is obtained for control purposes. A standard PI compensator and a reset compensator are designed and tuned. The main(More)
A technique is proposed to address the robust stability of a certain class of nonlinear systems. It is based on conic con"nement of the nonlinear part of the dynamics. The tight (nonconservative) bounding cones are characterized, and an algorithm is provided. After that, the nonlinearity is modelled as a complex uncertainty lying inside a small-gain cone.(More)