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Keywords: Hybrid systems Stability of hybrid systems Impulsive systems Reset control systems Passive systems a b s t r a c t The stability of reset control systems has been mainly studied for the feedback interconnection of reset compensators with linear time-invariant systems. This work gives a stability analysis of reset compen-sators in feedback(More)
(; t) = cos(5)sin(5t), which fulfills restrictions (15) with M 1 = 1= p 2 0:7 and M 2 = 5= p 2 11. The initial conditions are set to ' 0 () = 1 + 0:5cos(4), ' 1 () = 0, and the reference profile is set to y r (; t) = 10 + cos(2)sin(2t). Both the IC's and the reference profile fulfill the Neuman's BC's. For solving the PDE governing the closed-loop system(More)
—Communication delays are problematic for teleop-erated systems. They give rise to a trade-off between speed and robustness, which cannot be overcome by means of linear controllers. In order to solve this problem, in this paper we present a novel approach that combines passivity-based techniques and reset control principles. In this way, it is possible to(More)
This work presents a reset/hybrid control application of an in-line pH process. The nonlinear process dynamic is linearized around different operation points, and as a result a second order plus dead time (SOPDT) plant with uncertain gain is obtained for control purposes. A standard PI compensator and a reset compensator are designed and tuned. The main(More)