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1. The regions of the human brain responsive to motion were mapped using the H2(15)O position emission tomography (PET) activation technique and compared by viewing a moving random dot pattern with a stationary dot pattern. The stimulus was optimized in dot density and 3 degrees in diameter. 2. In addition to bilateral foci at the border between Brodmann(More)
We used [18F]altanserin and positron emission tomography (PET) to image serotonin 5-HT2A receptors in humans. The highest [18F]altanserin uptake is found in the cerebral cortex, with specific-to-nonspecific binding ratios varying from 0.53 to 1.91 in humans between 24 and 48 years of age. In all neocortical regions studied, [18F]altanserin uptake correlates(More)
Post-mortem measures of Abeta amyloid deposition correlate only weakly with cognitive dysfunction antemortem. We tested the hypothesis that functional reorganization forms a critical intermediary step between Abeta amyloid-associated brain injury and clinical disease expression. Fifteen patients with early-stage probable Alzheimer's disease (AD) and 16(More)
PURPOSE [(18)F]DPA-714 is a radiotracer with high affinity for TSPO. We have characterized the kinetics of [(18)F]DPA-714 in rat brain and evaluated its ability to quantify TSPO expression with PET using a neuroinflammation model induced by unilateral intracerebral injection of lipopolysaccharide (LPS). METHODS Dynamic small-animal PET scans with(More)
OBJECTIVES The present animal experiments were conducted to evaluate radioiodinated Hypericin (Hyp) for its regional distribution as well as theranostic potentials. MATERIALS AND METHODS Rat models of reperfused liver infarction (RLI) and hepatic rhabdomyosarcoma (R1) were surgically induced. R1 models received Combretastatin A4 phosphate (CA4P)(More)
OBJECTIVES Based on the soil-to-seeds principle, we explored the small-molecular sequential dual-targeting theranostic strategy (SMSDTTS) for prolonged survival and imaging detectability in a xenograft tumor model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID) mice bearing bilateral radiation-induced fibrosarcoma-1 (RIF-1)(More)
UNLABELLED Clinical differential diagnosis in parkinsonism can be difficult especially at early stages. We investigated whether combined perfusion and dopamine transporter (DAT) imaging can aid in the differential diagnosis of parkinsonian disorders: idiopathic Parkinson's disease (IPD), progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP), multiple system atrophy (MSA),(More)
The purpose of this guideline is to help investigators by giving an overview of relevant current EU requirements concerning the quality of starting materials and final drug products (the radiopharmaceuticals), the non-clinical safety studies and dosimetry considerations whilst designing a human clinical trial which includes the use of radiopharmaceutical(More)