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—This paper presents a robust algorithm for video sequences stabilization. Motion estimation is achieved using block motion vectors. In this way the same motion estimator of mpeg encoder can be used. The simple use of block motion vectors can give unreliable global motion vectors and so elaborations are done to make the algorithm robust.
A method for contrast enhancement is proposed. The algorithm is based on a local and image-dependent exponential correction. The technique aims to correct images that simultaneously present overexposed and underexposed regions. To prevent halo artifacts, the bilateral filter is used as the mask of the exponential correction. Depending on the characteristics(More)
We describe an automatic image enhancement technique based on features extraction methods. The approach takes into account images in Bayer data format, captured using a CCD/CMOS sensor and/or 24-bit color images; after identifying the visually significant features, the algorithm adjusts the exposure level using a " camera response "-like function; then a(More)
The proposed paper concerns the processing of images in digital format and, more specifically, particular techniques that can be advantageously used in digital still cameras for improving the quality of images acquired with a non-optimal exposure. The proposed approach analyses the CCD/CMOS sensor Bayer data or the corresponding color generated image and,(More)
We present a collection of methods and algorithms able to deal with high dynamic ranges of real pictures acquired by digital engines e.g., charge-coupled device (CCD/CMOS) cameras. An accurate image acquisition can be challenging under difficult light conditions. A few techniques that overcome dynamic range limitations problems are reported. The presented(More)
— An innovative solution for automatic color rendition of natural digital images is presented. It is based on an adaptive color correction, driven by a natural scene classifier designed over a wide database of natural digital images used as reference. The perceived quality of the processed images is globally closer to the expected color rendition for a(More)