Alfin N Mukhi

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Thirty-five egg-sensitive children who received measles immunization without adverse sequelae are described. Thirty-two of the children had a history of immediate hypersensitivity reactions to egg protein, including 22 who developed a generalized reaction after oral exposure to egg. There were also 3 highly allergic children, with immediate hypersensitivity(More)
BACKGROUND The open abdomen is an increasingly used technique that is applied in a wide variety of clinical situations. The ABThera Open Abdomen Negative Pressure Therapy System is one of the most common and successful temporary closure systems, but it has limited ability to close the fascia in approximately 30% of patients. The abdominal reapproximation(More)
The role of atopy in the development of asthma has become increasingly recognised. We have been prospectively following a birth cohort of children of atopic parents to document the development of atopic disease. Our aim in this study was to document the natural history of BHR and wheeze at 10 years of age and to relate this to atopy. We reviewed 47 of our(More)
We have prospectively followed 52 children of atopic parents from birth to age 7 years, documenting clinical atopic disease and allergen skin test reactions. We found bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR) to histamine in 13 (25%) of the children at 7 years of age with 25 (48%) being atopic on skin testing and 15 (29%) having current wheeze, whereas 30(More)
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