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Crosscutting concerns degrade software quality. Before we can modularize the crosscutting concerns in our programs to increase software quality, we must first be able to find them. Unfortunately, accurately locating the code related to a concern is difficult, and without proper metrics, determining how much the concern is crosscutting is impossible. We(More)
Compilers and computer-aided design tools will be essential for quantum computing. We present a computer-aided design flow that transforms a high-level language program representing a quantum computing algorithm into a technology-specific implementation. We trace the significant steps in this flow and illustrate the transformations to the representation of(More)
  • Fredv Aho, Brian W Kemighan, +7 authors Boeing Computer Sewices
  • IEEE Software
  • 1989
MichaelLuh, BodiReviemEdilm Now that reusability is all the rage, veteran Unix hands simply smile and wonderwhat took the rest of the world so long. The development and application of reusable components has been a cornerstone of the Unix philosophy since the early 1970s. In this world, mastery is gauged by the amount of code you can avoid writing through(More)
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