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In a state where games and their elements have been extensively used not only for pleasure but also for other purposes, gamification still has some pros and cons about its definition, which might influence people's decisions on their game-related strategies to improve their performance. This work tries to define gamification by using lexical meaning(More)
Algorithms are commonly perceived as a difficult subject, which is quite an irony as they have a fundamental role in computer science. Failure to master this subject will inhibit students'' capabilities as they advance to higher levels. Algorithm visualization, as an effort to overcome the problem, has been growing towards gameful visualization recently(More)
Software modelling has a fundamental role in software engineering. However, it is perceived as relatively challenging for learners to develop the necessary abstraction skills to master the subject. On the other side, gamification is now flourishing as a popular strategy to engage learners. This research attempts to exploit gameful design as an innovative(More)
Many existing games collect various data from their users and some of the data are in the form of event logs. Event logs of games are potential resources to obtain empirical data since they capture the real world of how games are used by players. Using the event logs, we can discover the behavioral models of how players interact with games. Specifically for(More)
Many ERP system projects are not evaluated properly after their implementation, including the implementation of promising mobile technologies to improve business performance of companies. Mobile ordering system (MOS) is a system that harnesses the mobility of mobile devices that facilitates salespeople to create sales quotations at any time and any place,(More)
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