Alf N. Kolbenstvedt

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Nineteen patients with histologically verified midgut carcinoid tumours and liver metastases were included in a prospective study with daily recombinant human alpha 2b interferon injections of 5 million IU subcutaneously for 1 year. All had as much as possible of the primary tumour removed at laparotomy. Whenever technically possible (in seven cases), an(More)
PURPOSE To describe CT appearances in patients with unilateral cleft lip and palate (CLP) 20 years after bone graft surgery. MATERIAL AND METHODS Eighteen consecutive patients with unilateral CLP were examined. All patients had been treated with primary closure, both in infancy and early childhood, supplemented with bone grafting at the age of around 10(More)
Anteversion of the acetabulum and of the femoral neck was determined by use of computed tomography in 47 adults with normal hips and in 39 patients with osteoarthritis. The normal anteversion of the acetabulum was found to be 17 +/- 6 degrees (mean +/- standard deviation) and of the femoral neck 13 +/- 7 degrees. In the patients with osteoarthritis the(More)
To elucidate the reliability of CT in the assessment of bronchiectasis, a retrospective study of high resolution CT and bronchography was carried out. A segment by segment comparison of 259 segmental bronchi from 70 lobes of 27 lungs in 19 patients was performed using bronchography as standard. CT was positive in 87 of 89 segmental bronchi with(More)
The scans of 100 consecutive patients referred for computed tomographic examinations that included the oropharynx were reviewed with regard to calcifications of the palatine tonsillary region. Calcifications were found in 20% of the female patients and 13% of the male patients. Ten patients had one calculus, and six had two or more. The sizes of the calculi(More)
A retrospective analysis of the findings at contrast-enhanced CT, MR imaging and angiography in 24 patients with vascular mass lesions and 11 patients with hypervascular tumors in the head and neck region was undertaken. We attempted to find criteria at CT and MR imaging that could aid in differentiating between different lesion categories. Parameters such(More)