Alexis Watson

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Little is known about the role of folate and polymorphisms associated with folate metabolism on prostate cancer risk in populations of African origin. We examined the relationship between serum folate and prostate cancer and whether any association was modified by genetic polymorphisms for folate metabolism. The study was case–control in design and(More)
A clinical, radiological, and morphological study of a congenital occipito-atlanto-axial malformation in a 13-week-old male Saint Bernard dog that became suddenly tetraplegic at 8 weeks is described. The dog was recumbent, had generalized muscle atrophy, but was alert and responsive. Pain was elicited when the head-neck junction and the cervical vertebrae(More)
Postnatal development and variation of the bony cranial border of the lateral vertebral foramen (LVF) of the atlas was studied in 96 dogs. Developmental ossification was investigated in 8 known-aged Miniature Schnauzer pups, after each atlas was prepared either as an alizarin-red stained clearing or as a dried cleaned bone. Variation was investigated in 63(More)
Postnatal ossification of the atlas and axis was studied in Miniature Schnauzers by examining alizarin-stained bone clearings, cleaned dry bones, radiographs, histologic sections, and arterially perfused bone clearings. Sixty-two pups (1 day to 16 weeks old) and 4 adults were examined. In 1-day-old pups, the atlas consisted of 3 separate ossification(More)
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