Alexis W Williams

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Following mutagenesis of the human colorectal tumor cell line HCT C with ethyl methanesulfonate, clonal sublines were isolated that survived on medium toxic to cells expressing thymidylate synthase (TS). The subline exhibiting the lowest TS activity, designated as C18, was characterized. Extracts from C18 cells were mixed with extracts from parental C cells(More)
A comparative analysis of the fine structure of the microvilli on jejunal and colonic epithelial cells of the mouse intestine has been made. The microvilli in these two locations demonstrate a remarkably similar fine structure with respect to the thickness of the plasma membrane, the extent of the filament-free zone, and the characteristics of the(More)
Toxin of sufficient strength to kill a 400-gramme guinea-pig in three days and a half in a dose of 0.cubic centimetre developed in suitable bouillon, contained in ordinary Erlenmeyer flasks, within a period of twenty-four hours. In such boullon the toxin reached its greatest strength in from four to seven days (0.005 cubic centimetre killing a 500-gramme(More)
Jejunal biopsy specimens were obtained by means of the Crosby capsule from a normal person and from seven patients. Of these, three with primary malabsorptive disease (idiopathic steatorrhoea) had an abnormal mucosal pattern under the light microscope, and the microvilli under the electron microscope were stunted, broadened, and sparse. Two with primary(More)