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We discuss the use of liquid-crystal phase modulators (LCPM's) both as a repeatable disturbance test source and as an adaptive optics corrector. LCPM's have the potential to induce controlled, repeatable, dynamic aberrations into optical systems at low cost, low complexity, and high flexibility. Because they are programmable and can be operated as(More)
We describe a novel scheme consisting of two deformable bimorph mirrors that can free ultrashort laser pulses from simultaneously present strong wave-front distortions and intensity-profile modulations. This scheme is applied to the Max-Planck-Institut für Quantenoptik 10-TW Advanced Titanium-Sapphire Laser (ATLAS) facility. We demonstrate that with this(More)
The formation of the given low loss and large beamwidth doughnut-like fundamental mode of stable resonator by an intracavity flexible mirror is discussed. The mirror is a bimorph one with one round and two ring controlling electrodes. An inverse propagation method is used to determine the appropriate shape of the controlled mirror. The mirror reproduces the(More)
We successfully implemented laser beam wavefront correction on the 200 TW laser system at the Advanced Laser Light Source. Ultra high intensities in excess of 10(20) W/cm(2) have been demonstrated. This system is, to our knowledge, the first 100 TW class laser to combine simultaneously ultra high intensity, 10(9) laser pulse contrast ratio and 10 Hz high(More)
We discuss the formation of a specified super-Gaussian intensity distribution of a fundamental mode by means of an intracavity controlled mirror, which is a water-cooled bimorph flexible mirror equipped with four controlling electrodes. Analysis has confirmed the possibility to form fourth-, sixth-, and eighth-order super-Gaussian intensity distributions at(More)
A special type of resonator with an intracavity wide-aperture active mirror was built, and a concave spherical bimorph active corrector was investigated. An increase of laser beam quality by a factor of 2-2.5 was achieved in a multimode regime of laser generation with an intracavity-controlled mirror. It was shown that various radiation mode structures(More)
This paper presents the results of high-power CO2 laser-aberration correction and jitter stabilization. A bimorph deformable mirror and two tip-tilt piezo correctors were used as executive elements. Two types of wavefront sensors, one Hartmann to measure higher-order aberrations (defocus, astigmatism etc.) based on an uncooled microbolometer long-wave(More)
A principle of interference signal demodulation using an additional harmonic modulation of phase difference between interfering beams based on digital signal processing is suggested. This demodulation principle allows implementation of processing algorithms using different ratios between modulation and discretization frequencies N. The case N = 3 is(More)
Formation of the given laser beam intensity and phase is an important practical and scientific problem, bimorph flexible mirror is one of the most widely used devices for this purpose. We present a new approach of multilayer bimorph mirrors and a numerical model to simulate them, based on the finite elements method. The multilayer mirror consists of a(More)