Alexis T . Bell

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SmFeO3 has attracted considerable attention very recently due to its reported multiferroic properties above room temperature. We have performed powder and single crystal neutron diffraction as well as complementary polarization dependent soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy measurements on floating-zone grown SmFeO3 single crystals in order to determine its(More)
C.-Y. Kuo, Y. Drees, M. T. Fernández-Dı́az, L. Zhao, L. Vasylechko, 4 D. Sheptyakov, A. M. T. Bell, T. W. Pi, H.-J. Lin, M.-K. Wu, E. Pellegrin, S. M. Valvidares, Z. W. Li, P. Adler, A. Todorova, R. Küchler, A. Steppke, L. H. Tjeng, Z. Hu, and A. C. Komarek ∗ Max-Planck-Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Nöthnitzer Str. 40, 01187 Dresden, Germany(More)
can be derived for the limiting case where all ions A in the solution are sorbed by the ion exchanger (c~,.. 0). Unless the separation factor a is very large, this implies that XA,= << 1 (small conversion of the ion exchanger). If the initial and boundary conditions are the same as before, and if we put in approximation X A << 1 and XA2 << XA, the system of(More)
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