Alexis Morris

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``Autonomic systems'' merge advancements in the field of multi-agent software design, dynamic analysis, and decentralized control in order to assist designers in constructing complex distributed systems. Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) represent such systems, and may benefit from autonomic system designs that target distributed nodes in diverse and changing(More)
We introduce a novel way to model and visualize culture in multi-agent organizations exploring the multi-dimensionality of culture and cultural modelling from a complex systems and multi-agent systems standpoint. The need for performing such modelling and simulation is evident since in-vivo organizational experiments are costly, not easily generalizable,(More)
Brain-monitoring is quickly becoming an important field of research, with potentially significant impacts on how people will interact with technology. As understandings of the inner-workings of the brain become more accurate technologies are becoming more advanced, smaller, cheaper, and ubiquitous. It is expected that new forms of computing that take(More)
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