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BACKGROUND Massive transfusion (MT) is classically defined as greater than 10 U of packed red blood cells (PRBCs) in 24 hours. This fails to capture the most severely injured patients. Extending the previous work of Savage and Rahbar, a rolling hourly rate-based definition of MT may more accurately define critically injured patients requiring early,(More)
IMPORTANCE Surgical disease is a global health priority, and improving surgical care requires local capacity building. Single-institution partnerships and surgical missions are logistically limited. The Alliance for Global Clinical Training (hereafter the Alliance) is a consortium of US surgical departments that aims to provide continuous educational(More)
BACKGROUND As medical student interest in global surgical care grows, a comprehensive curriculum is necessary to understand surgical care in resource-limited environments. METHODS We developed a surgical elective encompassing a multiyear medical student curriculum, with the goal of improving students' understanding of global surgical care, consisting of a(More)
BACKGROUND Changing residency structure emphasizes the need for formal instruction on team leadership and intraoperative teaching skills. A high fidelity, multi-learner surgical simulation may offer opportunities for senior learners (SLs) to learn these skills while teaching technical skills to junior learners (JLs). METHODS We designed and optimized a(More)
OBJECTIVE To study whether a routine with a routine ultrasound examination (routine scan) at 41 gestational weeks as compared with ultrasound on clinical indication (indicated scan), lowered the risk of severe adverse fetal outcome in post-term period. DESIGN A retrospective cohort study. SETTING Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden. (More)
BACKGROUND We hypothesize that night float rotations in the third-year surgical clerkship improve student learning and perceptions of team cohesion. METHODS A 1-week night float (NF) system was implemented during the 2013 to 2014 academic year for students. Each student completed 1 week of NF with the Trauma/Emergency General Surgery service. The(More)
BACKGROUND Compared with lyophilized plasma (LP) buffered with other acids, LP with ascorbic acid (AA) attenuates systemic inflammation and DNA damage in a combat relevant polytrauma swine model. We hypothesize that increasing concentrations of AA in transfused LP will be safe, will be hemodynamically well tolerated, and will attenuate systemic inflammation(More)
BACKGROUND Trauma transfer patients routinely undergo repeat imaging because of inefficiencies within the radiology system. In 2009, the virtual private network (VPN) telemedicine system was adopted throughout Oregon allowing virtual image transfer between hospitals. The startup cost was a nominal $3,000 per hospital. METHODS A retrospective review from(More)
Background: Acupuncture-related pneumothorax (PTX) is a poorly reported complication of thoracic needling. Recent Chinese literature reviews cited PTXs as the most common adverse outcome. Because of delayed presentation, this complication is thought to be underrecognized by acupuncturists and is largely addressed by hospital and emergency room personnel.(More)
IMPORTANCE Incorporating deliberate practice (DP) into residency curricula may optimize education. DP includes educationally protected time, continuous expert feedback, and a focus on a limited number of technical skills. It is strongly associated with mastery level learning. OBJECTIVE Determine if a multidisciplinary breast rotation (MDB) increases DP(More)
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