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This paper highlights for the dental education community selected data from a recently completed study of the organization and governance of academic health centers, conducted under the auspices of the Association of Academic health Centers and funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation. It is hoped that the limited information presented here will stimulate(More)
The development and testing methods for assessing the quality of private general dental practice are described. The assessment instrument, evolved through the contributions of a panel of private practitioners, provides for the evaluation of the structure, process, and outcome of practice. General practitioners, trained as evaluators, tested the instrument(More)
The work described was conducted to train and calibrate ten general dentists to participate as evaluators in a national program in which methods were developed and tested for the in-office evaluation of private general dental practice. The methods used in conducting six days of initial training are described, as well as the approach taken in establishing(More)
Elasmobranch susceptibility to goiter formation in captive environments has been well documented. Until recently, most public aquariums operated under the belief that the etiology of goiter in elasmobranchs was nutritional and specifically caused by insufficient dietary iodine. Recent studies have demonstrated that high environmental nitrate (NO3-N)(More)
This report describes the onset of goiter in several species of shark following the addition of ozone to a touch pool. A detailed description of a female brown-banded bamboo shark (Chiloscyllium punctatum) that was presented with multinodular goiter is provided. Four other brown-banded bamboo sharks and 11 white-spotted bamboo sharks (Chiloscyllium(More)