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The Self-determination of Minorities in International Politics
Published in 1991, The Self-determination of Minorities in International Politics is a valuable contribution to the field of Politics.
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Secessionist minorities and external involvement
Instances of external state involvement in seven postwar secessionist movements—those of Katanga, Biafra, the Southern Sudan, Bangladesh, Iraqi Kurdistan, Eritrea, and the Moro region of theExpand
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The Essence of the Greek-Turkish Rivalry: National Narrative and Identity
The Greek-Turkish dyad is one of the oldest rivalries between neighbours. Since 1999 Greek-Turkish relations are in a state of detente and there have been many attempts to resolve their outstandingExpand
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The Contemporary Perspective
The Greek-Turkish antagonism is neither perennial nor primordial and it is a 19th century rivalry only in part, as we have seen. Thus, a good case could be made that the rivalry and enmity is mainly,Expand
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The Greek-Turkish Conflict in the Aegean: Imagined Enemies
PART I: GREEKS AND TURKS: HISTORY SHROUDED IN NATIONAL MYTH The Perennial Imagination The Modernist Imagination: A 19th Century Conflict The Contemporary Perspective From Lausanne to the 1974 CyprusExpand
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Conflict Resolution, Ethnonationalism and the Middle East Impasse
The intractable Middle East conflict is examined from the prism of `ethnic' conflict resolution. The resolution of conflicts between states and ethnonationalist movements (placed under fourteenExpand
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The Greek-Turkish Conflict in the Aegean
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Janus or Sisyphus? The Southern Problem of the Sudan
THE SUDAN, Africa's largest country, not much smaller than Western Europe, is caught up once more in the convulsions of a civil war pitting the Northern against the Southern Sudanese. Inevitably theExpand
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Security and co-operation in Europe
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Humanitarian intervention in the long nineteenth century: Setting the precedent
1. Humanitarian intervention today Part I. Theory Introduction 2. The origins of the idea of humanitarian intervention: just war and against tyranny 3. Eurocentrism: 'civilization' and theExpand
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