Alexis Fuentes

Karin Lövgren-Bengtsson1
Jenny M. Reimer1
1Karin Lövgren-Bengtsson
1Jenny M. Reimer
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  • Jenny M. Reimer, Karin H. Karlsson, Karin Lövgren-Bengtsson, Sofia E. Magnusson, Alexis Fuentes, Linda Stertman
  • 2012
Saponin-based adjuvants are widely used to enhance humoral and cellular immune responses towards vaccine antigens, although it is not yet completely known how they mediate their stimulatory effects. The aim of this study was to elucidate the mechanism of action of adjuvant Matrix-M™ without antigen and Alum was used as reference adjuvant. Adjuvant Matrix-M™(More)
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