Alexis Fuentes

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Antibody responses, induced in Cynomolgus monkey by recombinant IgE-derived immunotherapeutic protein against atopic allergies and asthma, were characterized using label-free, real-time protein interaction analysis. The effects of two different immunotherapeutic proteins were compared. Active concentrations of specific anti-IgE antibodies formed were(More)
Saponin-based adjuvants are widely used to enhance humoral and cellular immune responses towards vaccine antigens, although it is not yet completely known how they mediate their stimulatory effects. The aim of this study was to elucidate the mechanism of action of adjuvant Matrix-M™ without antigen and Alum was used as reference adjuvant. Adjuvant Matrix-M™(More)
The active vaccine component recombinant chimeric IgE Fc-fragment opossum-human-opossum (OSO) has been expressed in CHO-K1 cells. It contains two identical polypeptide chains with 338 amino acid residues in each chain connected by two disulfide bridges. The cell lines were adapted to suspension culture in a serum-free medium. An expression level of 60 mg/L(More)
We show that the derivative of the relative entropy with respect to its parameters is lower and upper bounded. We characterize the conditions under which this derivative can reach zero. We use these results to explain when the minimum relative entropy and the maximum log likelihood approaches can be valid. We show that these approaches naturally activate in(More)
Information theoretical measures are used to design, from first principles, an objective function that can drive a learning machine process to a solution that is robust to perturbations in parameters. Full analytic derivations are given and tested with computational examples showing that indeed the procedure is successful. The final solution, implemented by(More)
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