Alexis Fouilhé

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Domain of Polyhedra Alexis Fouilhé, David Monniaux, Michaël Périn To cite this version: Alexis Fouilhé, David Monniaux, Michaël Périn. Efficient Generation of Correctness Certificates for the Abstract Domain of Polyhedra. Francesco Logozzo, Manuel Fähndrich. 20th static analysis symposium (SAS), Jun 2013, Seattle, Washington, United States. Springer, 7935,(More)
Convex polyhedra are commonly used in the static analysis of programs to represent over-approximations of sets of reachable states of numerical program variables. When the analyzed programs contain nonlinear instructions, they do not directly map to standard polyhedral operations: some kind of linearization is needed. Convex polyhedra are also used in(More)
interpretation [5] provides a theory for static analysis of programs, where sets of reachable states are over-approximated by elements of an abstract domain. In particular, the domain of convex polyhedra [6] expresses postconditions as conjunctions of affine inequalities: a polyhedron p encodes a formula “ ∧ i ∑ j aij .xj≤bi”, where aij and bi are rational(More)
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