Alexis Dixon

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The pre- and postnatal development of the catecholamine (CA) innervation to the hypoglossal nucleus (nXII) in the rat was investigated immunocytochemically with antisera to tyrosine hydroxylase (TH). Immunoreactive profiles positive for TH were first identified in nXII on gestational day (GD) 16. By GD 18, the adult-like distribution pattern was evident,(More)
We investigated the role of Lef1, one of the four transcription factors that transmit Wnt signaling to the genome, in the regulation of bone mass. Microcomputed tomographic analysis of 13- and 17-week-old mice revealed significantly reduced trabecular bone mass in Lef1(+/-) females compared to littermate wild-type females. This was attributable to decreased(More)
The cellular immediate early genes are involved in the transcriptional events associated with the dopaminergic regulation of neurotransmitter expression within neurons of the neostriatum. To characterize these events in detail, quantitative in situ hybridization histochemistry was used to assess the temporal effects of acute dopamine receptor blockade with(More)
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