Alexis Dimitriadis

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Developing a unified interface for typological databases with diverse theoretical perspectives of certain crosslinguistic phenomena poses problems for ontology-mediated integration, where multiple potentially theory-specific concepts need to be associated. This paper outlines a bidirectional approach to unbiased domain conceptualization and unification of(More)
Null object constructions in many languages have been analyzed as involving movement of a null topic operator. This paper examines Greek, Bulgarian, Quite~ no Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, in which deenite or indeenite object drop fails to show evidence of such movement. All four languages show gaps in their clitic pronoun paradigm and a certain(More)
The aim of the Typological Database System project is the creation of a unified interface to numerous independently developed typolog-ical databases, which will allow the user to simultaneously query them from a single gateway. The main challenge behind the project lies in the great variability of the included data. In order to provide a unified interface(More)
We present the goals and architecture of the Typological Database System, a project for the creation of a unified interface to numerous independently developed typological databases. The aim of the project is to develop a software system that allows a user to simultaneously query different databases through a single interface. The challenge of the project(More)