Alexis Dimitriadis

Hiroaki Tada1
Angelica Kratzer1
1Hiroaki Tada
1Angelica Kratzer
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Acknowledgements I h a ve w aited so long to have this opportunity t o e x p r e s s m y gratitude to the people who have helped me come this far. I am very grateful to my committee members. My advisor, Anthony K r o c h, has shaped my view of linguistics, and every page of this thesis reeects his innuence. His emphasis on independent thinking and high(More)
We present the goals and architecture of the Typological Database System, a project for the creation of a unified interface to numerous independently developed typological databases. The aim of the project is to develop a software system that allows a user to simultaneously query different databases through a single interface. The challenge of the project(More)
1. Introduction Recently, a number of researchers have proposed the use of experimental methods to elicit acceptability judgments, thus addressing the shortcomings of the conventional intuitive way of gathering linguistic data (cf. The use of experimental methods allows to handle inter-and in-traspeaker variation and to control for known biases on judgment(More)
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