Alexis Dimitriadis

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Developing a unified interface for typological databases with diverse theoretical perspectives of certain crosslinguistic phenomena poses problems for ontology-mediated integration, where multiple potentially theory-specific concepts need to be associated. This paper outlines a bidirectional approach to unbiased domain conceptualization and unification of(More)
Scoring the performance of a system is an extremely important aspect of coreference algorithm performance. The score for a particular run is the single strongest measure of how well the system is performing and it can strongly determine directions for further improvements. In this paper, we present several di erent scoring algorithms and detail their(More)
In this paper, I argue that Greek shows evidence of having phonetically null indefinite “special” object pronominals (meaning null, clitic-like indefinite pronominals). This claim is motivated by the similarity of a number of constructions involving indefinites to constructions involving cliticized definites. As I will show, it provides a maximally simple(More)
There is renewed interest in film dosimetry for the verification of dose delivery of complex treatments, particularly small fields, compared to treatment planning system calculations. A new radiochromic film, Gafchromic EBT-XD, is available for high-dose treatment verification and we present the first published evaluation of its use. We evaluate the new(More)
In (1a), an infinitival wh-clause is embedded under an existential verb; in (1b), a subjunctive wh-clause is the complement of a possessive.1 The common meaning of the matrix predicates is the assertion of existence; this meaning is typically expressed by either be or have. Predicates that assert true possession, e.g. owe, are prohibited; similarly(More)
We present the goals and architecture of the Typological Database System, a project for the creation of a unified interface to numerous independently developed typological databases. The aim of the project is to develop a software system that allows a user to simultaneously query different databases through a single interface. The challenge of the project(More)
We discuss an unusual reflexive construction in which the Chinese reflexive ziji appears twice, once before the verb and once after. We demonstrate that this is a distinct construct with its own rules of construal and interpretation; it is not, for example, a combination of a simple ziji reflexive and an adverbial intensifier. Notably, their locality(More)