Alexis Brower

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The most widely accepted and propagated theory of neurotrophic joint pathogenesis is the neurotraumatic one. Seldom published and little known is the neurovascular theory. To gain better understanding of the pathogenesis, we reviewed radiographs of 91 neurotrophic joints with attention to the particular joint affected, the type of changes present(More)
This study investigates new methods to improve deepwater monitoring and addresses installation of advanced sensors on " already deployed " risers, flowlines, trees, and other deepwater devices. A major shortcoming of post installed monitoring systems in subsea is poor coupling between the sensor and structure. This study provided methods to overcome this(More)
A computer program was created to identify and accept spatial data regarding the location of the thoracic and lumbar vertebral bodies on scoliosis films. With this information, the spine can be mathematically reconstructed and a scoliotic angle calculated. There was a 0.968 positive correlation between the computer and manual methods of measuring scoliosis.(More)
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