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PURPOSE This study was designed to investigate methods to help patients suffering from unilateral tinnitus synthesizing an auditory replica of their tinnitus. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two semi-automatic methods (A and B) derived from the auditory threshold of the patient and a method (C) combining a pure tone and a narrow band-pass noise centred on an(More)
In a patient who has ruptured his oesophagus a major objective should be to prevent access of swallowed material or refluxed gastric contents to the area of the rupture. We describe a tube system, introduced into the oesophagus via a cervical oesophagostomy, which prevents swallowed material from getting to the lower oesophagus and allows a tube to the(More)
LIVE specialized in new sound reproduction techniques: multichannel systems, binaural synthesis and recording, transaural systems electronic music live performance Very good knowledge of MIDI, OSC for touring gesture capture techniques: design of sensor systems, computer analysis and processing tools ELECTRONIC MUSIC design and development of music creation(More)
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