Alexis Baskind

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A methodology is presented for fundamental frequency estimation of one or more voices. The signal is modeled as the sum of one or more periodic signals, and the parameters estimated by search with interpolation. Accurate, reliable estimates are obtained for each frame without tracking or continuity constraints, and without the use of specific instrument(More)
It is estimated that ~10% of the adult population in developed countries is affected by subjective tinnitus. Physiopathology of subjective tinnitus remains incompletely explained. Nevertheless, subjective tinnitus is thought to result from hyperactivity and neuroplastic reorganization of cortical and subcortical networks following acoustic deafferentation(More)
Fundamental frequency (F0) is useful as a perceptually-relevant sound descriptor, and also as an ingredient for signal processing applied to analysis of sound scenes. Here, a recently proposed multiple-F0 algorithm is adapted to handle reverberation in monophonic or multichannel recordings; the information that is obtained from it is then applied to(More)
PURPOSE This study was designed to investigate methods to help patients suffering from unilateral tinnitus synthesizing an auditory replica of their tinnitus. MATERIALS AND METHODS Two semi-automatic methods (A and B) derived from the auditory threshold of the patient and a method (C) combining a pure tone and a narrow band-pass noise centred on an(More)
In a patient who has ruptured his oesophagus a major objective should be to prevent access of swallowed material or refluxed gastric contents to the area of the rupture. We describe a tube system, introduced into the oesophagus via a cervical oesophagostomy, which prevents swallowed material from getting to the lower oesophagus and allows a tube to the(More)
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