Alexis Ballier

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In this paper we emphasize the links between model theory and tilings. More precisely, after giving the definitions of what tilings are, we give a natural way to have an interpretation of the tiling rules in first order logics. This opens the way to map some model theoretical properties onto some properties of sets of tilings, or tilings themselves.
One of the true challenges in resource management in grids is to provide support for co-allocation, that is, the allocation of resources in multiples autonomous subsystems of a grid to single jobs. With reservation-based local schedulers, a grid scheduler can reserve processors with these schedulers to achieve simultaneous processor availability. However,(More)
We study two relations on multi-dimensional subshifts: A pre-order based on the patterns configurations contain and the Cantor-Bendixson rank. We exhibit several structural properties of two-dimensional subshifts: We characterize the simplest aperiodic configurations in countable SFTs, we give a combinatorial characterization of uncountable subshifts, we(More)
We study the error robustness of tilings of the plane. The fundamental question is the following: given a tileset, what happens if we allow a small probability of errors? Are the objects we obtain close to an error-free tiling of the plane? We prove that tilesets that produce only periodic tilings are robust to errors. For this proof, we use a hierarchical(More)
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