Alexis Bès

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We prove that every rational language of words indexed by linear orderings is definable in monadic second-order logic. We also show that the converse is true for the class of languages indexed by countable scattered linear orderings, but false in the general case. As a corollary we prove that the inclusion problem for rational languages of words indexed by(More)
We show that a special case of the Feferman-Vaught composition theorem gives rise to a natural notion of automata for finite words over an infinite alphabet, with good closure and decidability properties, as well as several logical characterizations. We also consider a slight extension of the Feferman-Vaught formalism which allows to express more relations(More)
Let M = (A, <, P) where (A, <) is a linear ordering and P denotes a finite sequence of monadic predicates on A. We show that if A contains an interval of order type ω or −ω, and the monadic second-order theory of M is decidable, then there exists a non-trivial expansion M ′ of M by a monadic predicate such that the monadic second-order theory of M ′ is(More)