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Spear phishing is a widespread concern in the modern network security landscape, but there are few metrics that measure the extent to which reconnaissance is performed on phishing targets. Spear phishing emails closely match the expectations of the recipient, based on details of their experiences and interests, making them a popular propagation vector for(More)
As modern industry shifts toward significant globalization, robust and adaptable network capability is increasingly vital to the success of business enterprises. Large quantities of information must be distilled and presented in a single integrated picture in order to maintain the health, security and performance of global networks. We present a design for(More)
—Since all Department of Defense (DoD) missions depend on cyber assets and capabilities, a dynamic and accurate cyber dependency analysis is a critical component of mission assurance. Mission analysis aims to identify hosts and applications that are " mission critical " so they can be monitored , and resources preferentially allocated to mitigate risks. For(More)
The tolerability and efficacy of a long-acting im applicable form of bromocriptine (Parlodel LAR) was tested in a double-blind approach in 20 patients with hyperprolactinemia or prolactinoma, 17 of them complaining of persistent side effects on oral treatment with dopamine agonists. The study-code revealed similar characteristics for age, sex, weight,(More)
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