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BACKGROUND In Morocco, the social and legal framework surrounding sexual and reproductive health has transformed greatly in the past decade, especially with the introduction of the new Family Law or Moudawana. Yet, despite raising the minimum age of marriage for girls and stipulating equal rights in the family, child and forced marriage is widespread. The(More)
OBJECTIVES To analyze changes in bone conduction (BC) thresholds before and after stapedotomy in patients with clinical otosclerosis with a focus on the Carhart notch, which is defined as a significant loss of BC at a certain audiometric frequency. METHODOLOGY Retrospective case review of pure tone audiometry (PTA) in 213 patients who underwent a(More)
Despite the introduction of the new Family Law, or Moudawana, in Morocco, effectively raising the minimum age for marriage, the number of girls being forced into wedlock is rising. This increase has been a source of concern from a women's rights perspective. The present study explored women's experiences and perspectives in relation to factors that(More)
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