Alexia Mintos

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We propose an adaptive multiresolution (MR) approach for classification of fluorescence microscopy images of subcellular protein locations, providing biologically relevant information. These images have highly localized features both in space and frequency which naturally leads us to MR tools. Moreover, as the goal of the classification system is to(More)
We define the arithmetic function P by P (1) = 0, and P (n) = p1 + p2 + · · ·+ pk if n has the unique prime factorization given by n = ∏k i=1 p ai i ; we also define ω(n) = k and ω(1) = 0. We study pairs (n, n+ 1) of consecutive integers such that P (n) = P (n+ 1). We prove that (5, 6), (24, 25), and (49, 50) are the only such pairs (n, n + 1) where {ω(n),(More)
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