Alexey Voronov

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In order to decrease time to market for products it is important to decrease the time for implementation and debugging of the control logic that are used to manufacture the products. In this paper, an approach based on a high-level specification of the relations between process operations and resources and the use of formal verification is presented. By(More)
Models of configurable products can have hundreds of variables and thousands of configuration constraints. A product engineer usually has a limited responsibility area, and thus is interested in only a small subset of the variables that are relevant to the responsibility area. It is important for the engineer to have an overview of possible products with(More)
Satisfiability solving, the problem of deciding whether the variables of a propositional formula can be assigned in such a way that the formula evaluates to true, is one of the classic problems in computer science. It is of theoretical interest because it is the canonical NP-complete problem. It is of practical interest because modern SAT-solvers can be(More)
An interaction protocol for cooperative platoon merge on highways is proposed. The interaction protocol facilitates a challenge scenario for the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge (GCDC) 2016, where two platoons running on separate lanes merge into one platoon due to a roadwork in one of the lanes. Detailed interaction procedures, described with state(More)
This paper presents the architecture of an Interactive Test Tool (ITT) for interoperability testing of Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS). Cooperative systems are developed by different manufacturers at different locations, which makes interoperability testing a tedious task. Up until now, interoperability testing is performed during physical(More)
Large datasets containing many spectra commonly associated with in situ or operando experiments call for new data treatment strategies as conventional scan by scan data analysis methods have become a time-consuming bottleneck. Several convenient automated data processing procedures like least square fitting of reference spectra exist but are based on(More)