Alexey V Rayevsky

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The bioinformatic search identified 14 plant homologs of the mitotic spindle assembly checkpoint protein kinase Bub1 of animals, yeasts, and myxomycetes. It was demonstrated that the closest plant homologs of the protein kinase Bub1 were proteins with previously unknown features: XP_002274770.1 (CBI21878.1) from Vitis vinifera, EEC82122.1 from Oryza sativa(More)
The nearest plant homologues of animal protein kinase BRSK were identified using the methods of classical and structural bioinformatics. The selection was performed based on the sequence comparison, results of phylogenetic clustering, and analysis of domain architecture. Spatial structures of human BRSK1 and KIN10 from A. thaliana were compared. The(More)
  • Alexey V Rayevsky, M Sharifi, M A Tukalo
  • Journal of molecular graphics & modelling
  • 2017
Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases (aaRSs) play important roles in maintaining the accuracy of protein synthesis. Some aaRSs accomplish this via editing mechanisms, among which leucyl-tRNA synthetase (LeuRS) edits non-cognate amino acid norvaline mainly by post-transfer editing. However, the molecular basis for this pathway for eukaryotic and archaeal LeuRS remain(More)
The study of the genome and the proteome of different species and representatives of distinct kingdoms, especially detection of proteome via wide-scaled analyses has various challenges and pitfalls. Attempts to combine all available information together and isolate some common features for determination of the pathway and their mechanism of action generally(More)
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