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— Convergent systems constitute a practically important class of nonlinear systems that extends the class of asymptotically stable linear time invariant systems. In this note we extend frequency response functions defined for linear systems to nonlinear convergent systems. Such nonlinear frequency response functions for convergent systems give rise to(More)
— In this paper, we consider the development of a control strategy for path following of underactuated marine surface vessels in the presence of ocean currents. The proposed control strategy is based on a modified Line-of-Sight (LOS) guidance law with integral action and a pair of adaptive feedback controllers. Traditional LOS guidance has several nice(More)
We review and pay tribute to a result on convergent systems by the Russian mathematician Boris Pavlovich Demidovich. In a sense, Demidovich's approach forms a prelude to a ÿeld which is now called incremental stability of dynamical systems. Developments on incremental stability are reviewed from a historical perspective.
This paper considers the problem of model based control of the joints of a snake robot without wheels. The potential range of applications for snake robots are numerous, and delicate operations such as inspection and maintenance in industrial environments or performing search and rescue operations require precise control of a snake robot joints. To this end(More)
In this paper, the problem of local output regulation is considered. The presented results answer the question: given a controller solving the local output regulation problem, how to estimate the set of admissible initial conditions for which this controller makes the regulated output converge to zero. Theoretical estimation results and an estimation(More)