Alexey V. Egorov

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The experimental conditions for the sulfation of legume galactomannans were found, which allow for the obtainment of polysaccharides with a high degree of substitution. Sulfate esters of four galactomannans of different composition (galactose content, 16.4-47.5%) were synthesized using the SO3-pyridine complex in dimethylformamide as a sulfating agent. The(More)
Galactomannan, a water-soluble heteropolysaccharide, was isolated from the seed of Far-Eastern population of ground honeysuckle Lotus corniculatus L. (yield, 1.65%). Analysis of this galactomannan showed that is consists of D-mannose and D-galactose residues (molar ratio, 1.22:1). Its aqueous solutions were characterized by specific rotation [alpha]D =(More)
Phylogenetic analysis of communities is based on the comparison of distances on the phylogenetic tree between species of a community under study and those distances in random samples taken out of local flora. It makes it possible to determine to what extent a community composition is formed by more closely related species (i.e., "clustered") or, on the(More)
Galactoglucomannans were isolated by selective precipitation from aqueous and alkaline extracts of endosperm and hulls of Cercis canadensis, a member of the family Fabaceae. Their monosaccharide composition (Man: Gal: Glu) was as follows: 10.4: 0.9: 1 (polysaccharide from the endosperm) and 4.5: 0.9: 1 (polysaccharide from the hulls). The identity of IR(More)