Alexey V Bushuev

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The role of natural selection in shaping adaptive trait differentiation in natural populations has long been recognized. Determining its molecular basis, however, remains a challenge. Here, we search for signals of selection in candidate genes for colour and its perception in a passerine bird. Pied flycatcher plumage varies geographically in both its(More)
The relationship between the type of melanin-based plumage colouration and the strength of experimentally induced immune response was studied using as an example a pied flycatcher population from the Moscow region. The breeding plumage of pied flycatcher males exhibits the full spectrum of transitions from contrasting black-and-white to cryptic brownish,(More)
We have studied morphological and physiological traits of equally aged young males of Campbell’s dwarf hamster (Phodopus campbelli Thomas, 1905) born at the end of summer (fall males) and winter (spring males) in a vivarium with a constant 14-hour day length (LD 14: 10). Animals were removed from parental cages at the age of one month, kept in isolation in(More)
Inter- and intraindividual variation of the breeding plumage ornamentation in male Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca from the Moscow province population (55 degrees 44' N 36 degrees 51' E) was studied using long-term data (1996-2005). Eumelanin prevailing colour type (CT) scored according to the seven-step Dorst scale (Dorst, 1936), age, and reproductive(More)
Purpose. To report a rare case of secondary epiretinal membrane (ERM) spontaneous separation with subsequent visual restoration. Case Summary. We are reporting a case with the history of branch retinal vein occlusion, peripheral retinal neovascularization, and retinal photocoagulation. Our examination revealed secondary ERM associated with relatively high(More)
Characteristics of innate (nonspecific) and acquired T-cell immunity, resting metabolic rate, hormonal and reproductive status, morphological traits of maturation and aggressive behavior were studied in two sample groups of Campbell’s dwarf hamster males (Phodopus campbelli Thomas, 1905) selected in three generations for high and low humoral immune response(More)
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