Alexey Syschikov

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This paper represents an integrated development environment for visual parallel programing. We believe that parallelism is clearly seen in visual form. Many classes of the problems are naturally described in flowchart form. So we design the integrated develop environment, described all its parts, and trace the entire path of the algorithm's development.
—Modern onboard networks, especially those that implement Integrated Modular Avionics (IMA/IMA2G) concept, contain up to thousands of nodes. Integrated computation environment requires hard data interconnection with various requirements and constraints. Manual design of onboard networks becomes extremely hard and it's impossible to produce optimal or even(More)
Nowadays embedded systems solve tasks in various domains (avionics, space industry, automotive, mobile devices, domestic appliances and so on). Moreover, these tasks are composed in various concepts: IoT, cyber-physical systems etc. Different classes of problems of the market and its needs make manufacturers of embedded systems to design heterogeneous(More)
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