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YB-1 is a broad-specificity RNA-binding protein that is involved in regulation of mRNA transcription, splicing, translation, and stability. In both germinal and somatic cells, YB-1 and related proteins are major components of translationally inactive messenger ribonucleoprotein particles (mRNPs) and are mainly responsible for storage of mRNAs in a silent(More)
In eukaryotic cells, degradation of most intracellular proteins is realized by proteasomes. The substrates for proteolysis are selected by the fact that the gate to the proteolytic chamber of the proteasome is usually closed, and only proteins carrying a special "label" can get into it. A polyubiquitin chain plays the role of the "label": degradation(More)
YB-1 is a universal major protein of cytoplasmic mRNPs, a member of the family of multifunctional cold shock domain proteins (CSD proteins). Depending on its amount on mRNA, YB-1 stimulates or inhibits mRNA translation. In this study, we have analyzed complexes formed in vitro at various YB-1 to mRNA ratios, including those typical for polysomal(More)
The Y-box binding protein 1 (YB-1) is a DNA/RNA-binding nucleocytoplasmic shuttling protein whose regulatory effect on many DNA and RNA-dependent events is determined by its localization in the cell. We have shown previously that YB-1 is cleaved by 20S proteasome between E219 and G220, and the truncated N-terminal YB-1 fragment accumulates in the nuclei of(More)
The pumping lemma and Ogden lemma offer a powerful method to prove that a particular language is not context-free. In 2008 Kanazawa proved an analogue of pumping lemma for well-nested multiple-context free languages. However, the statement of lemma is too weak for practical usage. We prove a stronger variant of pumping lemma and an analogue of Ogden lemma(More)