Alexey S Merekalov

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The mechanical behaviour of monodomain nematic side-chain liquid-crystalline elastomers containing azoderivatives as pendant groups or crosslinkers has been studied under UV irradiation and in the darkness at different temperatures. From the evaluation of the opto-mechanical experiments, the mechanical efficiency, kinetic rates, activation energies and the(More)
We report on the structure, uniaxial orientation, and photoluminescent properties of CdS nanorods that form stable nanocomposites with smectic C hydrogen-bonded polymers from the family of poly(4-(n-acryloyloxyalkoxy)benzoic acids. TEM analysis of microtomed films of nanocomposites reveals that CdS nanorods form small domains that are homogeneously(More)
The photoluminescence (PL) of CdSe quantum dots (QDs) that form stable nanocomposites with polymer liquid crystals (LCs) as smectic C hydrogen-bonded homopolymers from a family of poly[4-(n-acryloyloxyalkyloxy)benzoic acids] is reported. The matrix that results from the combination of these units with methoxyphenyl benzoate and cholesterol-containing units(More)
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