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– End-to-end connections experience a high level of diversity in network characteristics. At one extreme, an application may receive highly degraded service, leaving the application unusable. At another extreme, the costs to guarantee some level of service may be undesirably high to the user or overall system. Open architecture networks help applications(More)
b b Computer networks are becoming more complex and diverse. Increasingly, an end-to-end connection will traverse several links with orders of magnitude differences in characteristics such as bandwidth, latency, error rate, jit-ter, and monetary cost. At the same time, most applications assume a level of network characteristics below which they either(More)
We describe a new approach to power saving and battery life extension on an untethered laptop through wireless remote processing of power-costly tasks. We ran a series of experiments comparing the power consumption of processes run locally with that of the same processes run remotely. We examined the trade-off between communication power expenditures and(More)
Recent research has demonstrated that portable computer users can save battery power by migrating tasks over wireless networks to server machines. Making this technique generally useful requires considerable automation. This paper describes a framework for automatically migrating tasks from a portable computer over a wireless network to a server and(More)
Panda is middleware designed to bring the benefits of active networks to applications not written with active networks in mind. This paper describes the architecture and implementation of Panda, and provides data on the overheads incurred and performance benefits achieved. The paper also discusses some of the key issues of automatically and transparently(More)
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