Alexey Petrovsky

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A novel nonuniform cosine modulated filter bank is presented, mixing the concepts of warped DFT (Discrete Fourier Transform) filter bank and pseudo-QMF system (Quadrature Mirror Filter). Unequal bandwidths are achieved by allpass transformation of uniform polyphase system. The cosine modulation results in real valued channel signals, and hence simplified(More)
In this paper we investigate a small broadside planar (2D) su-perdirective microphone array for speech acquisition in the car and compare its performance to linear arrays. The objective of this investigation is to replace an expensive directional microphone by a small array of inexpensive omnidirectional sensors. Since the array was designed to be used in(More)
The paper considers techniques for grouping objects that are described with many quantitative and qualitative attributes and may exist in several copies. Such multi-attribute objects may be represented as multisets or sets with repeating elements. Multiset characteristics and operations under an arbitrary number of multisets are determined. The various(More)
In this paper transitional speech segments modeling by matching pursuit is proposed. The dictionary for matching pursuit is composed of wavelet functions that implement of psychoacoustic adaptive wavelet filter bank. Psychoacoustically motivated entropy based cost functions allow to greatly minimizing a number of time-frequency atoms in wavelet packet (WP)(More)
This paper presents reconfigurable FPGA-based hardware accelerator for embedded DSP. At first the principle of shared-memory based processor are shown and then specific universal balanced architecture is proposed. An example of processor for TVDFT on the given accelerator is also given. Implementation of multiplier and adder based on the serial arithmetic(More)
If a digital paraunitary filter bank (PUFB) designed using hypercomplex number theory is to be implemented in hardware, the throughput and chip area of used quaternion multipliers are of critical importance. In this paper, digit (L-bit)-serial quaternion multipliers based on the distributed arithmetic are presented as circuits well suited for FPGA-based(More)
This paper considers the technique to construct the general decision rule for the contradictory expert classification of objects which are described with many qualitative attributes. This approach is based on the theory of multiset metric spaces, and allows to classify a collection of multi-attribute objects and define the classification rule which(More)